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Multiple Record

Publication date: August 8, 2018

how to add one record.
whenever i add a record, the application save multiple records.
need some guidance

Multiple data from linked table

Publication date: August 15, 2018


I am currently in trial mode testing your solution.

One questiion: when linking 2 tables I’d like to mark multiple opportunities for one kind of data.

For example:

Table 1: Names (Peter, James, Paul)
Table 2: Destinations (US, China, Germany)
Table 3: Travel History:
Name=Peter (from table 1)
has been to the follwowing Destinations = (China & US) from Table 2

I did this by using the advanced field type = “Relationship”, but user can only pick one destination from table 2 and not multiple
How to achieve this?
Thanks a lot,

Possible to link fields from multiple forms into a single report?

Publication date: August 10, 2018

Is it possible to pull fields from more than 1 form into a single report? Specifically…

I have a form called Owners and a second form called Pets. I had them linked. Each owner can have 1 or more pets but every pet has only 1 owner. I want to create a report that lists Owners and their Pets. It might look something like this:

John Smith
Mary Jones
Sam Spade

When I try to create a Report, I can select any column from the Owners form but none from the linked form, Pets.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Struggling to find tutorial Videos

Publication date: August 13, 2018


I cant find many video tutorials on youtube for the new version of MTH and I need a lot of help ;-(
Am I looking in the wrong place?

We are looking to create a database that will do the following

We are calling on prospects to offer them a new heating boiler for their home

We collect the data, then do certain checks. Once the checks are completed and the customer is approved we then send out a surveyor to inspect the property. Once the survey is done then we send it to the installer. Once it is installed then the lead generator is paid

We need for the:-

For agents to add leads to a database (i worked this out :-) )
For agents to view their own leads and status only (not that of others)

I would like to take the 1st 4 characters of their business name and add an incremental number to make this their ID. Can this be automated?

When the agent logs in and adds leads in the lead data entry form I would like to automatically add their agent ID. Or even add from a drop down box if it can’t be added automatically

How do you capitalise the letters automatically?

For admin to go in and allocate the leads to a lead manager ( the lead manager only sees their leads)
for the lead manager to book a date for a surveyor –
For the surveyor to see his booked leads with addresses
For lead manager to then allocate to an installer – Installer only sees installs allocated to them

In the data entry forms is it possible to have Multiple columns?

So for example:
Mr David Testing
rather than

We would like to have 2 columns for some of the fields like their name. Also telephone and email horizontal rather than vertical

I Cant find out how to link in the source – Agency ID to the lead data sheet

Getting rid of decimals in all numbered columns

Publication date: August 13, 2018

My particular need is to have multiple number columns that don’t display decimals, as they are ID numbers, etc. I used both types of numbers columns (numbers and decimals), I hit the help and FAQ pages, and still wasn’t able to find the place in the field/column settings that allowed me to get rid of the decimals.



mutilple line field name

Publication date: August 14, 2018

I am using MTH to create a customer survey.
therefore I have used the field name as a question for the customer.

Is there a way to add multiple lines to the fileld name, so that I can make a 4 languages in 1 version of my online survey?

or should I make 4 surveys? (1 per language)



Relational data

Publication date: August 15, 2018


Just evaluating mytaskhelper and I have a question. In the general information you claim that this is a “MTH is a relational online database.” When I create a form. How can I add a question that may have several answers (unknown number of answers may be 4 however it could be 30)?

So far I can create a table with multiple lines but I need something a little more dynamic!


Nick Simpson
Operations Officer
CISV International ~ building global friendship ~ www.cisv.org
2016 – CISV Year of Sustainable Development

CISV International
MEA House, Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8XS, England

Telephone: +44 (0)191 232 4998
Fax: +44 (0)191 261 4710
E-mail: international@cisv.org

Company Registration: 3672838
Charity Registration: 1073308

possible relationship?

Publication date: August 15, 2018

I am struggling to figure this out during my trial. I have business clients that make purchases from multiple vendors. At the end of the year I get a spreadsheet from each of the vendors showing of how much each of my clients spent with each vendor. It basically has the client name and their purchase total. So I want to be able to upload the vendor spreadsheet and in turn the client database show the client’s name and how much they purchased from each vendor based on the data that is in each of the vendor reports. So for example if I have ten clients and each purchase from apple, microsoft, and google…the record would show the following columns…client name, their microsoft purchase amount(from the microsoft uploaded spreadsheet), their apple purchase amoutn(from uploaded apple spreadsheet, their microsoft purchases.. etc.

Checkbox field creating multiple records

Publication date: August 15, 2018

I have a standard checkbox field on my Project form that is causing some issues when selecting multiple options. The field is titled ‘Associate(s)’ and if you select more than one Associate here, the system creates that many records of the Project form. In other words, if there are 3 associates selected for a given project, once I save, 3 duplicate projects are created. All I want to do is capture more than one associate name on a single project record. Can this be done?

multiple relationships

Publication date: August 15, 2018

I read there can only be one relationship between tables but does that mean can there be more than one many-many relationship for a table.
I want to have a structure that is like “parent-child- grandchild” where the relationship of the child table is many to many in both directions. When i try to do this the forms are not available from the drop box. Also when looking at the page forms for my database there are no relationships showing – the only way to make these appears to be by making a new field?
it looks different on the screencast.

Geting data of related data

Publication date: August 16, 2018

i have two Form A and B
I had created relation between Form A to B and both have same relation (Has and belong to Many) between Order ID of both Forms (because both the Form have multiple entries of same Order ID with different charges). Now i want to pull data of Form B to FORM A, i had created a new field in Form A and used Formula under which i had selected option for contant values , i had tried all possible combination but i am unable to get it.

Attached picture of my two Xls file by which i had created form A and B.

PDF/XLS export not working

Publication date: August 16, 2018

It’s been many weeks since we’ve been able to export any search of filter results as either PDF or XLS. I’ve tried multiple searches as simple as 2 line results and nothing will export. Help?

Multiple Sources For Relationship

Publication date: August 16, 2018

Working example:

Laundry Powder
Fabric Softener

Pack Sizes:
1 kg
2 kg
5 kg

The user can choose any size pack of Laundry Powder or any size shampoo for example.

In the related form I want to capture the choice something like:

1 kg Laundry Powder
5 kg Shampoo

How do i do this in one field?

Multiple Record Creation

Publication date: August 16, 2018

I have a problem with my records posting multiple times. (Same entry 3 or 4 times). I have figured out that it is because of a checkbox field I have. I mailed you the link too so you could look. Please help.

Multiple select dropdown quit working

Publication date: August 16, 2018

The new advanced multiple select dropdown option is not working for new forms. The sample you created and the first form I created work fine, but anything new is loading all the selections to a single cell.

Multiple update deletes records

Publication date: August 16, 2018

I selected a large group and chose ‘update selected’.
Then i chose ‘customers’ (as an example), typed what I wanted customers to be, and (out of habit) pressed enter.
This instantly deleted a large number of records.

Current Widget - Too Short

Publication date: August 16, 2018

When a User enters multiple search criteria, then saves that criteria to use again later, the resulting name of it usually does not display fully in the “Current Widget” drop-down field, and, sometimes, the User will not be able to distinguish one from another, e.g., “LCMS Church = St. Johns and Baptism Readiness = A” and “LCMS Church = St. Johns and Baptism Readiness = C” appears the same in this drop-down field, since it is cutoff.


Publication date: August 16, 2018

The MAIN reason that I chose to use an online database was to be able to JOIN tables, in order to significantly reduce the redundancy of the legacy spreadsheet files.

I’m still having issues with joining tables in MTH for a 1-to-many relationship, and, I need your help for this, before I schedule a class for several others who need to learn how to use MTH.

I have tables that I want to JOIN, as follows (please help me do so ASAP):

1 Contact HAS ONE (or none) Tutoring Driver

1 Tutoring Driver HAS MANY Contacts

1 Contact HAS ONE (or none) Non-LCMS-Church

1 Non-LCMS-Church HAS MANY Contacts

1 Contact HAS MANY (or none, or one) Phone No.

1 Phone No. HAS MANY (or one) Contacts

1 Contact HAS MANY (or one) Languages

1 Language HAS MANY Contacts

Also, it’s important that any of these reference tables (Tutoring Driver, Non-LCMS-Church, Phone No., Language) may have mutliple fields that need to be shown, e.g., the Language Name & the “Native” Indicator, and the Phone No, & Phone Type. I need to add more tables that need to be joined with a 1-to-many and many-to-many relationship.

Also, when I export the “ContactInfo” Records, IF the “Contact to Phone” or the “Contact to Language” relationships were actaully a 1-to-many type, then how could this data be exported to 1 spreadsheet, e.g., a Contact with multiple Languages or Phones?

Multiple Column Drop Down

Publication date: August 20, 2018

It would be very handy to be able to show more than one column in a drop down box. Perhaps two or three columns as an option would be nice.

So instead of seeing:

Stock Number

We might be able to see:

Stock Number and Stock Description

Or perhaps:

Stock Number, Description and Price

For example

Form "Stacking" In E-Mail

Publication date: August 20, 2018

I’ve run into a problem with my Forms “stacking” on top of one another. This happens when multiple forms are filled out in a single day (Same form). This seems to only happen in Google mail. I realize that the forms are stacking because the Subject line is the same for each form filled out. An easy fix is a time stamp. If each form was time stamped they would have different subject lines and not stack anymore. If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do in the mean time, I am open for suggestions. Thank you, and have a pleasant day.

Multiple select dropdown

Publication date: August 20, 2018

I am wondering if it is possible to make a form with a multiple select dropdown that will record each of the selections as an individual entry?

For instance, a multi-select dropdown containing student names that creates a separate data row for each student selected. Thank you.

Search for Mulitple Criteria on Same Column

Publication date: August 20, 2018

I need to save a view with a search that excludes two different criteria for the same column. For example: I want to show all the donations we receive for 2011 that are NOT Adoption Donations and are NOT Store. Right now, I can add additional criteria, but only from another column. Thanks!

Redirect to new webpage

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Current redirect (when using the iframe presentation) is within the iframe. However, when operating on a website it is desirable to be able to go to another page for two reasons. First process flow to allow visitor to step through multiple forms. Second analytics so we can see and measure a funnel through a process.

thanks JOhn

Online (but not ecommerce) Order Process

Publication date: August 20, 2018


what we are looking to provide is a process to make online ordering (but not ecommerce) easier. It also needs to provide the facility to have the data entered during the process exported to a multi line csv or excel file.

The process envisaged will have 3 steps: see attached document http://mytaskhelper.com/images/data/btxTV1vGHiI4Ckm1CRK4B8/dQrgSYd95eW53OJCuP-Fdt/orderprocessspec.pdf for images of required inputs & outputs

Step 1: Enter Client / Order Header info
- a standard form to collect name, email, delivery & invoice addresses etc
- (no problem to achieve with existing functionality)

Step 2: Enter multiline information
- a form to collect the product detail and the personalisation requirements for each product
- needs to be linked to Client Details entered previously (note: I envisage that these 2 collection steps will be 2 discrete forms as in an e-commerce checkout environment – however it doesn’t have to be so!)

Step 3: Output ‘Order Details’
- as now send an email to the form administrator
- provide export capability to allow excel file to be output with the collected information – as per the layout attached


Approve multiple records in one click

Publication date: August 20, 2018

We need the same ‘Approve multiple’ functionality on records menu as we have for ‘Delete multiple’.
It will save users time and makes sense for sure.
It will allow us to select multiple records and click one Approve link instead of clicking n-times.

Previous Page Next Page

Publication date: April 30, 2019

Maybe it’s just me - but when a form has at least three page the Previous Page Next Page links have no separation -

It seems it would look much better if it rendered as
Previous Page
Next Page

See attachment