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Dispatcher Calendar

Publication date: August 9, 2018


I would like to know if it is possible to create a dynamic Resource Dispatcher Calendar in your Apps in order to to manage service calls and our technicians’ schedules (schedule assignments, balance workloads, and to eliminate scheduling conflicts) Similar to the attached

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Publication date: August 13, 2018

Is there a way to display calendar and time? I am trying to create a restaurant event reservation database and would like to view events in calendar format.

Date Format

Publication date: August 16, 2018

It would be nice to be able to format the dates using the US style of mm-dd-yr.

I see that the birthday calendar uses the US format, but unfortunately includes the baby:) thing too.

Time Control Request

Publication date: August 17, 2018

My blokes are asking me if instead of the calendar with adjustment etc could I add a now button only.

in other words instead of the control with calendar, they want just the now button only. Is this possible?

Login Query Engine

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Is it possible to format the Login field on the Login Query Engine so that it would be a date, and most importantly, that the date picker calendar could be used when entering the date?

Calender configuration and periods of time

Publication date: March 5, 2019

missing option to change the link out of the calender from the event and to show a period of time out of the form in the calender …would be nice to have the option to change the link inside the calender and to show a period of time when an event is longer than one day