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Record URL in after SUBMIT

Publication date: April 30, 2019


Is there anyway to supply the record URL to the Submit Notification after data has been saved?
|More| , |Unique id| and |Database_record_id| with no results.

Goal: Once a form is submitted, Notification details sent and ideally the recipient has an easy Link to go directly to the record to make changes. In our case, to attach a file to that record.

Thank you

Fetch report records REST API

Publication date: August 14, 2018

I tried to fetch the report records using the documented API URL and query parameters, but the MTH server seems to reply the whole table every time, instead of the report which filters out some of the records.
I’ve checked the log of my program and the formulated HTTP GET request is:
Some of the parameter values have been replaced with bracketed holders in order to protect sensitive information.

URL is limiting

Publication date: August 15, 2018

The field of URL is limiting. I have the correct website for the organization I am working with and I have added the http:// in front but it is still not accepting it.

This is the website: ActorsForChildrenTheatre.weebly.com

Please advise how I can record it accurately.


How to insert image into URL field type

Publication date: August 15, 2018

To insert an image into the URL field type you need to do the following steps:

1. Go to menu Forms and add a single line field type.

2. Select the url item in the validation box.

3. Go to menu Records and enter an image url address into the field.

See the screenshot below:

How to insert image into url field type

Hope it helps!

URL or hyperlink field

Publication date: August 15, 2018


To create an URL field you just need to add field with URL field type.

URL field

Done! Now you can go ahead and add the link, URL will be validated and on your Records page it will appear as a link.

Please, notice, that if your link points to an image it will be automatically rendered and shown inside your table.

Also for the url field you can use the following options:

- URL text;
- URL target (blank, self, parent, top);
- If URL you have added to the field points to an image, you can choose how it should look like: custom url text or image.

You can show URL without a title. Just leave the URL text field blank.

Formula fields - images and record view mode

Publication date: August 16, 2018

1. I created a formula using an image field + null image (empty) which computes correctly.

2. In widget view this displays correctly and the image location url is correct. All good so far.

3. In record view mode the MTH dynamic link works correctly. It does so by using the img src= syntax followed by an abbreviated url, for example; img src=‘/images/data/dcPmobW7LgW4BcI8o2W7b7/c4W4hdVSjisjfBW7LSgcjZ/agent-pic.png’ – this where the field inserted was |image link|

The above is OK in a limited way.
The problem is that it does not allow the image derived from the formula to be used in any practical way as it can not be opened by the href tag because the syntax img src= is built into the output from MTH into Record View mode.

This strange because as noted above the url location of the Widget view image is correctly output and displayed.

Is it not possible to output the whole url without the img src= prefix into the Record View? This way the user can decide how they will use the url output, for example img src=‘http://www.mytaskhelper.com/images etc etc’ or indeed href= “http://www.mytaskhelper.com/images etc etc” or both together to open an image link.

I have tried using java to unstring the syntax that MTH passes to Record View mode for a dynamic link. No success.

The project I am designing uses 4 MTH relationships where each database contains images of localities and properties. For example, in data entry the user selects a relational database that contains 10 images of a property, these are then passed to the master form using a formula. All works nicely.

But when the MTH dynamic link for the field passed in displayed in Record View it comes in with the the prefix of img src rather than the real url for the image, which is correctly shown in widget view.

This means that I either have to display small images in Record View mode that can not be opened using href and therefore useless or place all images in the master form, which is defeats the object of the design.

URL Field in Single Line Field

Publication date: August 16, 2018

If possible, can this type of field have an option to re-load the current widget view if the field is null? In other words to force the Record View link if URL data is empty. My logic is simple, if the URL is empty and the feature used in Record View then when clicked the URL goes to a page that can not be found… disaster! I am currently forced to set a default URL value for a domain that simply tells the user that nothing is found.

Website not showing in url column

Publication date: August 16, 2018

I noticed recently that a website field is not displaying the url anymore, but instead is displaying Press Here.

Why is that? I’ve managed to remove the Press Here, but cannot get it show the actual url which was displayed without problems before.

Please advise.


Publication date: August 17, 2018

Is there a way to include the form URL in a reminder (and perhaps customize the message) so that the reminder can be used to remind a form-filler every two weeks (or whatever time period) from each last submission to fill and submit the form again. They get the reminder, they click the URL and then fill and submit the form again.

Formula Field Record View URL

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Formula field control options. While MTH provides an exceptional facility to include graphic images in a formula, which is a superb feature, it would be even better if the formula field options also included the ability to enable links to either the Record View widget or a specified url field – in the same way as provided for an Image field.

Custom URL for form

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Is it possible, if I create a subdomain, to use my url for the forms, but actually access MTH forms — for example — eforms.russellleeconsulting.com/form98877473737 I am never going to know enough to us API — but I would like to have forms that use my subdomain for their url.


Publication date: August 20, 2018

It would be great to add Subdomains to MTH. This way Companies can have URL for their database, like this:


and when they open this link they will see Login page, with the ability to upload their own Company Logo. So it would be like the door to their companies portal.

Also this way we’ll reduce link size, it will not have /apps/app_id part. It will be still long, but better then now.

"Target" setting in URL field

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Dear Andrew

Once again, thank you for the excellent support !

One more feature that is really needed.

It was great to discover that there is a possibility to add URL into a text field via Validation feature.

However, it will substantially change the way the database Integrates into my web site if:

1. It will be possible to specify “Target” window when link is presses (I personally need the page to reload and the link to open in the New Window and not Pop Up)
2. Having an option to have a specified text (for Example “Press Here” to show up instead of the actual URL). URLs are sometimes very long and it may look ugly.

The point No.1 is more important though!

Thank you


enable the url link on the database widget's single view

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Is it possible to enable the URL link on the database widget’s single view. Why is it only enable on all view data? But when i view the data on Single view, the URL field have no link active. It might be a customized URL like _blank, _parent?

Copy a Form Builder?

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Hi Igor!

How can I copy a Form Builder for another project?

And how can i use url option to a real link, and alias to url?

Thanx! helkis

Insert URL Fields

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Hi Igor, this is really a nice service that you built! I tried to use zoho, but I was missing advanced filtering and searching options, But I have seen, that your app has it. Cool!

The only thing I miss is an URL field:

URL: http://www.page.de
Name: Linktext

Is it possible to add that?

Many Greetings