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Language Drop-down

Publication date: August 9, 2018

Is there any way I can adjust the size of the drop-down? It looks pretty small on the form and also the values are not showing.


Problem with choice questions

Publication date: August 10, 2018


I’m having some problems with fields likes Radio Button, DropDown, they always select the first choice, but that is wrong.

Need to have something first, like “SELECT” then they can select.

How can you help me?


Drop down menus and dates

Publication date: August 10, 2018

Is it possible to have drop down menus appear in forms/reports as drop downs right on the page, without having to click on the field and then click on the drop down? It would be one less click.

Also, is there an option in date fields to have a calendar date picker pop up, rather than a three column selector?


Form fonts after update

Publication date: April 30, 2019

Hi, after updating the drop down font color to black, I noticed the form text has lost its formatting properties (attached). I tried changing the font color / size, but it remains the same in two separate forms.

Drop down text color

Publication date: April 30, 2019

I noticed if I have selected white text for the form, the drop down menu font color is also white, not showing in black. I tried a CSS file with font color but didn’t work.

Attached example screen shots. Thanks!

Rules and Page Breaks

Publication date: August 15, 2018

If the Field Rule Editor “Then” dropdown included:

Go To

And the user could select the “Go To” by page number (or page ID) — when Next Page is clicked the user is taken to the selected page.

This would be true conditional branching and very powerful.

Just a thought

Filtering drop-down menu by user

Publication date: August 14, 2018

Is there any way to filter a drop-down menu by user on a form?

I’m building a simple sales management app for a client and would like the users to add companies to a single form and then only be able to select from the companies they have added on a Sales Activity Update Form.

I have accomplished basically the same using the Login Query Engine on an editable table — but would like to add that same type of filtering functionality to a form.

Any help?

Thank you,


Need Assistance

Publication date: August 14, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

i am looking to build a request form of several services which i provide. The Customer is to select the required service via a TABLE.
Therefore, I am looking to make check box which means he select the main service (each service has a cost which means each select box is a value)
then after selecting the main service the customer to add the details of the selected service via a table
he will add a raw for each additional service. which is a drop down box (as each check box is a main service, thus each check box has a drop down button. and each one has a value)
at end he will see how much is the selected service.

i had made a mock sample of required form (used excel) hope this will help you to assist me to my requirement. i don’t know how to do an add button, i only places a “+”
Thank you and best regards

Drop-down fields and look-up tables

Publication date: August 14, 2018

When using a look-up table with a drop-down field — how do I set the first choice as “Choose One” — Do I have to add that as the first entry in the table?

Form entry drop downs width is small

Publication date: August 15, 2018

When we create a new entry in the Corrective Action form the drop down fields width are not set properly. The field is too narrow only showing the first few characters. I attached an image of the issue.

Entry Required in Linked Field

Publication date: August 15, 2018

I have an address drop down in one Form that is linked to many addresses in a second Form. The link works as expected, but I cannot make the selection in the first Form required.

User's manual

Publication date: August 15, 2018


I’ve been working with Microsoft Access for several years and I’m used to use it’s standards.
It’s very difficult for me to understand MyTaksHelper’s philosophy as to database basics, eg. tables, indexes, references, SQL-queries, views, etc.

I would also like to know whether it is possible to create 1:many forms in MyTaksHelper. For example I have one record in Tasks table and it has several “subrecords” (subtasks) stored in (sub)table called Subtasks.

Another problem is that I do not understand how to build comboboxes (dropdown) which are based on lookup tables. For example:
lookup table: Persons (id_person AUTOINCREMENT, name VARCHAR)
Tasks: (id_task AUTOINCREMENT, id_person TINYINTEGER, …)
There a 1:many relation between Persons and Tasks.

Is there a complete manual (brochure) about how to use MTH?

Thank you very much for your time.

Show records per page

Publication date: April 10, 2019

In order to change the number of records per page go to Records page and find Show per page DropDown. Please, see screenshot below.

Hope it helps!

Default value for DropDown field type

Publication date: August 15, 2018

To enter a new value for a DropDown field type you need to click on the Default link. In a new window enter all values you need (one per line) and click on the button Update
Please, see the screenshot below:

Linked column order

Publication date: August 16, 2018

Basically, the drop down box MTH provides for a relational field sorts the data into its own order depending on the content of the link field.
This disregards the sort order of the originating form.

Drop down list

Publication date: April 30, 2019

I want a drop down list to be obligatory ( can’t be blank ). Problem is that the first field of the drop down list (e.g. ‘Make your choice’ ) allways will be the item that will be selected when users don’t change it to the necessary item.

Make your choice

In case of ’can’t be blank’ the answer will allways be ‘Make your choice’ instead of Belgium or France or … . How can I solve this?



All Linked Fields Are Blank

Publication date: August 16, 2018

Not sure what has happened overnight.

All linked tables fields in our forms are not showing any content.

So we have a drop down to select staff name. This is saved in time card. The time card uses a relationship to link in staff name. Staff names were working fine yesterday. This morning they are all blank. As is every other relationship field in every single form.

This is urgent. I have staff starting in 20 minutes

edit record with drop down field data

Publication date: August 16, 2018

Would you check out what appears to be an annoying bug in DROP DOWN FIELD when editing a record. It appears that when a drop down field is set to use a space as the default first option (a method I use consistently) that when editing a record MTH does not appear to read the data for the drop down but uses the default option.

To be clear; when editing a record it appears that where a field is a drop down that MTH does not read and display the data stored but instead displays the default for the drop down field type.

This is an inconsistent bug that I can not find a process to make happen every time.

Bug in Search parameter Dropdown.

Publication date: August 16, 2018

Click on the SEARCH function and then select a specific field from the list – when selected the option reverts to ALL – then the drop down is clicked all fields from the database are displayed rather than the limited fields set for the view. The result is that all the parameter and some confidential information fields are shown in the selection list

Bug in disabled dropdown field

Publication date: August 16, 2018

It appears that is a Drop Down field is disabled, even though a default is set and validation is mandatory that the entire contents of the drop down selection list is written to the database record field. Works fine if field is not disabled.

Relationship (filtered)

Publication date: August 16, 2018

Igor — Is it possible to create filtered relationships for forms? For instance, using your relationship example I created tables for teams and players. Now I would like to create a form relationship that filters selections, where if I choose FC Dynamo from the Team Drop-down I will only have FC Dynamo players on the Player Drop-down. Is that currently possible?

Multiple select dropdown quit working

Publication date: August 16, 2018

The new advanced multiple select dropdown option is not working for new forms. The sample you created and the first form I created work fine, but anything new is loading all the selections to a single cell.

Search by drop down field

Publication date: August 16, 2018

When I’m opening Search form and selecting Drop Down field it doesn’t work properly.

Most probably this is because I have selected drop down value by default not first, but second item. I.e. I have values: 1,2,3,4,5. And by default on the form and in the search box it shows 3 selected. However, it shows text ‘Search ColumnName like 1’, but I didn’t selected 1. So MTH by default searches for first drop down item, not selected currently in the form.

Relationship Drop-down Function

Publication date: August 16, 2018

I use the relationship function to create drop-down menus that connect different tables, so that one level of user can add data that other users choose from when they fill out a form.

For instance, one of my applications may have a “Department” Form and an “Activity”
Form that will allow the top user to add departments and activities — and the departments and activities that are added are then included in another form where users choose from a (relationship) drop-down the relevant department and activity they are reporting on.

The problem I have is that in each record the chosen department and activity then show up unnecessarily as links to other details. Is there some way I can disable the link and just keep the static data?

Drop-down menu look-up

Publication date: August 16, 2018

I have been able to connect drop-down items on one form to data submitted from another form, but I cannot figure out how to position the drop-down.

It is created by defining a relationship and the default position seems to be the bottom of the form.

Any help here?

Current Widget - Too Short

Publication date: August 16, 2018

When a User enters multiple search criteria, then saves that criteria to use again later, the resulting name of it usually does not display fully in the “Current Widget” drop-down field, and, sometimes, the User will not be able to distinguish one from another, e.g., “LCMS Church = St. Johns and Baptism Readiness = A” and “LCMS Church = St. Johns and Baptism Readiness = C” appears the same in this drop-down field, since it is cutoff.

Drop-down for Ref. Table not Labeled in Edit

Publication date: August 16, 2018

In the “edit” mode (in contrast to the “View” mode), a record that is linked to a value in a reference table via a drop-down field is shown without a label (it does show a label in “View” mode).

Search on Drop-down Field

Publication date: August 16, 2018

When a User searches on a drop-down field, it uses “Like”, instead of “=”, e.g., with my Project’s “Baptism Readiness” field, with drop-down values (UNKNOWN, A, B, C, Already Baptized), when I search on “A”, it not only returns Records with “A”, it also returns Records with “Already Baptized”. I only want the former, not the latter, to be returned. Please use “=”, instead of “like”, or, provide these as alternatives.

Drop-down Field & Search

Publication date: August 16, 2018

For a Drop-down Field (e.g., “Baptism Readiness” that has possible values of “A”, “B”, “C”, “UNKNOWN”, and “Already Baptized”), when using it in search criteria, ONLY ONE value may be used (e.g., if I search on “Baptism Readiness = A”, I cannot also search on it for “B” or “C”) – I don’t want to perform 3 searches (A/B/C).

Drop-down Field in Reference Table

Publication date: August 16, 2018

When I VIEW a Record or set of records which are joined to a table that has a drop-down field in it, the value that has already been set in the drop-down field does NOT show, unless the User clicks the drop-down. This is not acceptable in a VIEW mode, e.g., if I were to show others all or a subset of the ContactInfo Records and scroll to the right to show the “Language” table’s “Name” field, an EMPTY-looking drop-down appears for ALL these Records – if a drop-down for a Record is clicked, then the previously set value will display, but, this should NOT be necessary to do – in the VIEW mode, the previously set values for these drop-down fields should display automatically (if muliple values are set, then, all of these previously set values should display – either on the same line, seperated by a seperator character, or, via multiple lines).

Records - Page No. - Not Working

Publication date: August 16, 2018

On the Records view, the “Page No.” drop-down shows the correct no., but, since the system allows the User to change it, there’s an assumption that changing to another page no. will navigatge the User to that page – it doesn’t (it just stays on the same page).

Add option to dropdown list

Publication date: August 17, 2018

There was at one time the ability to have an “Add” link below a relationship drop-down that opened the form the drop-down pulled from and allowed the adding of another option to the drop-down. Have I completely forgotten how to add that option or is it no longer available?

Multi-input with auto-completion relationship field

Publication date: August 17, 2018

Please, add a fully functioning multi-select lookup (relationship) dropdown field.

The auto-completion works (if the user already knows all of the available pre-filled entries) but doesn’t adequately replace a relationship drop-down that supports multi-select
(control/click is the standard multi-select functionality) from a drop-down list.

Enforce Entry in Relationship Fields

Publication date: August 17, 2018

I note in forms, where I have a relationship entry the choices I have are to default to the first item on the relationship list or to leave it blank in which case the user can ignore the drop down box entirely.

Is there a way to force the user to select a value from the drop down box and not leave it blank? I can’t see any way to do this in field rules or in the rules?

Multiple Column Drop Down

Publication date: August 20, 2018

It would be very handy to be able to show more than one column in a drop down box. Perhaps two or three columns as an option would be nice.

So instead of seeing:

Stock Number

We might be able to see:

Stock Number and Stock Description

Or perhaps:

Stock Number, Description and Price

For example

Default Setting for Relationships

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Do you have plans to provide a default setting for the RELATIONSHIPS drop down field that MTH inserts into a form that uses the module? While the relational program has immense potential it is difficult to predict the data entry results of any formula that uses a relational field if the default value is null. If the relational drop down had same control options of a standard drop down field I am sure this would suffice and greatly enhance the attraction of the feature.

Multiple select dropdown

Publication date: August 20, 2018

I am wondering if it is possible to make a form with a multiple select dropdown that will record each of the selections as an individual entry?

For instance, a multi-select dropdown containing student names that creates a separate data row for each student selected. Thank you.

Paste choice into pick-list

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Is it possible to make a “select” field that allows you to paste an existing entry that it can then “find” in the list instead of having to scroll down the whole list to find it. I know you can start typing the first letters, but in the case of our Intake ID’s it’s very hard because they look like this;

And we can only type in the first two letters then we have to scroll through the entire list of “FL’s”

If you look at how Dabble works, you can actually paste (or type) the Intake ID and you don’t have to scroll down the entire list. When you go to add a foster home, you can paste in the Intake ID like this:

Screen shot attached

This is a huge time-saver, and something everyone loved about Dabble. Any chance MTH can be enhanced to work like this? Thank you for considering this enhancement to a great product!

Ref. Table Drop-downs on Records Page - Show "Not Linked"

Publication date: August 20, 2018

On the “Records” page, there may be drop-downs for a linked Reference table. Currently, if the User would like to know which of the Records in the “main” table are not linked to this Reference table, there is no method for this. Please add some indicator to this to allow the User to request this info.


Publication date: August 20, 2018

Please add “Nepali” to the “Language” standard drop-down list

Field with the some name!!

Publication date: August 20, 2018

Well I need to put about 25 fiels some name,

first a drop box with a diferent name, ok and ko and after a field sing line comments.

and when i try to put the second field comments give me that message…

Field already exist

Sorry my English!!

New field from drop down menu

Publication date: April 3, 2019

Is it possible to have the following scenario:

A drop down menu with 4 entries (A, B, C, Other). If user clicks on Other a new text field appears where user can enter some text.

Would be very useful for certain forms. Thanks.