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Partner Relationship Opportunity

Publication date: August 10, 2018

My name is Vikram Sahai and I lead a joint effort between Synchronoss Technologies and AT&T that has the potential to dramatically increase your sales opportunities in the market. Your company has been hand-picked by AT&T as a leader in the industry and therefore is a prime candidate for this new endeavor. You may have seen the recent press release announcing the launch of the AT&T Business Console. This is a brand-new venture by which AT&T will market premiere mobile applications and services to their vast number of small and medium business customers. The Business Console is designed to be platform agnostic, meaning users of IOS, Android or Windows Mobile devices are all able to share in a common marketplace, improving the experience for those employees responsible for managing their company’s mobile applications.

Getting your services and offers added to the Business Console is where Synchronoss Technologies comes into the picture. Synchronoss is a world leader in cloud solutions and software-based activation for communication service providers across the globe. Synchronoss is also the designated front-door for all activities related to onboarding software vendors, like Wave, into the AT&T Business Console experience.

My Team & I, are eager to speak with you about partnering with your company to increase your sales and market exposure. Contact me directly so that we can schedule a call to discuss this opportunity in more detail.

Please contact via email and then we can set up a time to talk.


Vikram Sahai
Business Development Manager