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User's manual

Publication date: August 15, 2018


I’ve been working with Microsoft Access for several years and I’m used to use it’s standards.
It’s very difficult for me to understand MyTaksHelper’s philosophy as to database basics, eg. tables, indexes, references, SQL-queries, views, etc.

I would also like to know whether it is possible to create 1:many forms in MyTaksHelper. For example I have one record in Tasks table and it has several “subrecords” (subtasks) stored in (sub)table called Subtasks.

Another problem is that I do not understand how to build comboboxes (dropdown) which are based on lookup tables. For example:
lookup table: Persons (id_person AUTOINCREMENT, name VARCHAR)
Tasks: (id_task AUTOINCREMENT, id_person TINYINTEGER, …)
There a 1:many relation between Persons and Tasks.

Is there a complete manual (brochure) about how to use MTH?

Thank you very much for your time.