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Number of characters Validation

You can restrict user from entering to much information by using 'Number of characters validation'

In this blog post I will tell you how to use the Number of characters validation option.

This option has three parameters (Is, Minimum, Maximum).

We'll take an example form "Leave you comment/opinion/feedback".

1. Create new project "Validation"
2. Add "Comments" field  with a Multiple Line type to a new form "Example form".  Open field for Editing and at the bottom you'll see 'Validation' link.
3. Click on "Validation" link and select options you needumber of characters your users will need to enter or minimum/maximum values. 

Number of characters validation



Once edited you can test it and you'll see errors if someone entered more then 10 characters.

Too long value error


So, you know how easy it is to create a simple database with QuintaDB.

You can embed this form into any web site using Form menu under 'Widgets' section.

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MUSS South

Hi is there a way to count characters (text) in a formula field?
ie, in Excel you would use, =LEN to count the number of characters in cell A1.

I have a formula field where I join lots of text to make a summary, I would like to know how many characters are in that field.

Many thanks

Igor Nosovskiy

I’m afraid there is no such possibility.
Can you specify please, how this function should work or give an example?
Do you want to display the count of characters or you need to validate the number of characters in the formula?

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