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Zapier + QuintaDB. 1500+ Integrations

Zapier service allows you to connect QuintaDB with other services and platforms

Zapier is an online service for integrating various services and applications.

Now QuintaDB has own application on the Zapier service.

Currently, integration has beta status and available by invitation only.


To start using Zapier and QuintaDB:

1. Follow this link: https://zapier.com/developer/public-invite/33381/7f319f4ae2d1696b1299edd86a2480d8/

2. Sign up (enter your username and password, if you already have Zapier account).

3. Click on the Make a Zap button.

4. Find the QuintaDB application.

5. Select a trigger. Currently, QuintaDB has only one trigger - add new record.

6. Enter your API key and link your QuintaDB account with Zapier.

7. Test the connection

8. Select the project and form and proceed to the task settings.

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