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Online Form Creator

Online web-forms make data collection, analysis and reporting much easier than any other method. Here is the super easy way to create such web-forms, online. QuintaDB. For all your online form building requirements. Create unlimited web-forms and all that is just for $4.95 USD per month. Including Free plan!

What are online web-forms for?

Here is where a form creator as QuintaDB comes into game. You can not only create online web-forms and collect data, but also generate reports, analyze and integrate the online web-forms and views to blogs and websites. Such web-forms need to be distributed to many users to make them able to enter data. This becomes very easy when the web-forms are available in electronic form, but not on a paper.

QuintaDB - Online Form and Web Form Creator

QuintaDB online form and web form creator has been trusted by thousands users, and this amount definitely includes a handful of world's famous brands too. If not millions successfully deployed web-forms under our belt, what else would convince you? Here is a gist of what QuintaDB can offer you.

Online Form Creator - Benefits