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New captcha for web forms and export files features

Simple Captcha is really easy to use, but still secure solution to protect your web-forms from spammers

QuintaDB's users can add Captcha to their forms, change label placement, export files and even more.

As you have already known QuintaDB is a great way to upload and store files, music and video. Everybody is happy with a fact that they can save a lot of data on our servers. But people always want more. You also need to be able to Export all files, archived, of course. That is why we added Export all files functionality. If you have file or image columns in your database you will see Export all files link on the Records page, clicking on which you can export all your database files archived. It contains directories with a column name and all files uploaded to this field inside this directory.


Also, please, note that you can change a column size now. It may be very helpful when you have a lot of fields, or if you want to improve your Database Widget

Captcha is a great way to protect your database from spammers. That is why we added such functionality for QDB's users. You can enable captcha in Form Widget settings and it will appear on your integrated form immediately. Another great feature is label placement. By default all forms has a Top Aligned field labels placement. But we are trying to give our users as many options as possible to customize their forms. So you can change default label placement to Left or Right aligned. Improve your beautiful forms now!


QuintaDB grows each day, we have users from all over the world. That is why the next new features are very important for us. You can change the message text about successfully submitted form now, by default it says 'Successfully created'. You can do the same with Submit button label, just change the name of the button and make it more obvious for your country users!



Please, feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or suggestions. Your comments are very important for us!

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