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Database field options

Any QuintaDB field can be customized using different options. Such like validation, auto-complete, size, default value and other

All QuintaDB fields have the following options:

Go to "Form builder" menu and Edit any field to see all available options.


Database field options




You can change the size in relation to a single line field type or a multiple line. By default it is 50 pixels



The entered value will be automatically displayed with such an activated option.



Enter the needed instructions for your users. They will be displayed in a pop-up window when users move their mouse to the field.



You can create and enter some list of values. When users enter the first symbol in the drop-down list all the appropriate values will be shown.



Validation option is used for input data checking. For the field type of a Single line you can use the following validation options:

  • No duplicates entries
  • Email
  • URL
  • Location
  • Can't be blank
  • Length

More detailed instructions for using of these options you can find in our blog: Validation LocationCan't be blank, Email, Length, URL, Inclusion, Exclusion



CSS class name


To customize a field or a form you can use internal class names, for example hidden, two-column, three-column and four-column. 


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