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Barcode & QR-code

Some fields can be filled up by scanning QR-code or Barcode

You can configure QR-code and Barcode scanning for fields. This feature is available to the following fields:

QR-code and Barcode Scanner

For example, let's take a look at the Merchandise reception form. 

The employee must receive the product, enter quantity, price per unit and enter the product's barcode in the database.

So, you need to create a simple Number field and open field editing page.

Mark the 'Barcode' checkbox on the next page and set primary or secondary camera as default source to scanning.

If everything was done correctly you will see a barcode icon on the field.

Now you can try to scan the Barcode using your camera:

QR-code and Barcode generation

Open field editing and mark the 'Generate Barcode in the table' checkbox.

Now you can enter the code and submit the form.

You will see the barcode image in the database:

Notice: you can change the image size on the field editing page.

The Barcode or QR-code generation is available to the following fields:

All of the above instructions is also applicable to QR-code.

Notice: you need to allow QuintaDB.com to access your camera.

We hope that it will be useful to you.

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