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How to design your web form or table

Customize online database and integrate form into website within a 5 minutes. Simple database become really powerful with our rich set of options

Using QuintaDB you can create and embed your own web form or database into any web site you need in a few minutes. 


Design menu can be found in Form Widget menu, Design tab.

Same for the Table widget menu or Report

You can select pre-defined design template or manually change various settings.

Web form and table design options

  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Highlighted blocks color
  • 'Section heading' color
  • Label placement
  • Name font size
  • Name text color
  • Show Name
  • Description
  • Description font size
  • Description text color
  • Logo
  • Logo width
  • Logo height

Iframe settings

  • Height
  • Width
  • Top and bottom margins
  • Left and right margins
  • Enable scrollbars
  • Border
  • Font size
  • Font-family
  • Your CSS file

Please, notice changed settings require updating of IFrame Code on your web page

To insert form into website (or a database table) copy/paste iframe or JavaScript code from Integration tab or use a direct link.


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