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Validation (Inclusion, Exclusion)

When you need to validate only some set of values to be filled in, or not allow some set of words, Inclusion and Exclusion validations will be very helpful

Today I'd like to tell you about new validation types: Inclusion, Exclusion.


Inclusion or Exclusion validation (for fields type of a single line, multiple line) enables a user to define an introduced text in the forms fields strictly. A User can indicate what kind of text must be entered in record field not allowing entering other words and phrases for Inclusion. Or vise versa for Exclusion. The option has three additional parameters (Partial match, Case sensitive, Allow null).


Validation (Inclusion, Exclusion)



Partial match - using this parameter a user allows to enter words or phrases, which contains record in field Within;
Case sensitive - possibility to include/disconnect register;
Allow null - a user can leave the field empty;



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