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How to create Contact us web form online

Contact us form widget is the first web-form you need on your web site. It allows your web visitors to send you questions and feedback. And such web form can be done in QuintaDB very fast

A Contact Us form or Mailing List is required for every website. If you have decided to create your own website or blog and you need a contact form or registration form, use the online database QuintaDB.

With QuintaDB you can create a contact form easily. Add field types such as text (single line, multiple lines), files etc. You can create and embed a form into your website or blog in a few minutes.  

See step by step instructions below:


1. Login to QuintaDB

2. Create new project and choose "Contact Us" template

3. Now you can edit fields in your form. To add a field you need to enter a field name and select a field type from the drop down list. You can create your own web form with any fields you need.

4. You can use validation options for every field. Use Validate only on Submit, Can't be blank for the first field name.

5. To embed this form into your website go to Form widget menu. Change the form background, text color, form size etc in Design section.

To embed this form to the website you need to pone Integration tab and copy/paste JavaScript or iframe code or use a direct link.

So you can get a HTML code for contact us form which is Ajax based. Now you can add other fields you need. Change the form background if you want. Upload your logo and finally put this contact us form widget right into your web page. Hope you've found it useful, please, see also how you can add hotel forms here: How to create Hotel registration form.