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Reminders - email and SMS reminders about upcoming database events

You can receive emails or SMS from QuintaDB which will remind you about some records, which has date column. You can set number of days before this data and QuintaDB will definitely send you reminder

If you have database with "Date" or "Date and Time" column you may want to be notified once this date will come. This is why we've implement database reminders for you.

You can find Reminders tab in the Records menu.


Click on "Create Reminder" button and create new reminder.


Just choose what type of reminder you want to receive: Email or SMS, enter number of days, choose date column and enter email or phone recipients. And you'll receive reminder N days before the date you entered to emails or phones you entered.

(If you specify the number of days with a minus sign (-), then the days will be counted in the reverse order.)

Specify the sending time and time zone.


Reminder recipient from the table column:

Reminder recipient from the list:

Reminder recipients are Records owners:

You can run your reminder or edit from Reminders menu:

Hope you'll find this database reminders functionality useful for you!

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Bill Berzins

I created a reminder just as you indicated above but I don’t seem to be receiving the reminder email. I used the “from table” option.

Igor Petrushenko

Hi, Bill!

Our service blocked your domain for some reason. We’ve already added it whitelist and run test reminder, it is already delivered.

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