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Backup and restore database and web forms

Store your web form or database settings in our single file backup and you'll not be worried about restoring your form or db later

We are glad to tell you that all QuintaDB users should be able to backup your web forms and whole projects as well as load them in case of any data loss.


Application backup

Tile view:

List view:

Form backup

Tile view:

List view:


IMPORTANT: you can't load a form backup if you still have this form. You can't load a project backup if this project still exists.

To restore an Application you have to open "Applications" page and open left side menu:

To restore the Form you have to click "Create new form" and you'll see Restore link.

Backup files

Open the "Forms" menu and click on form context menu. 

Click on the "Backup files" item to download the archive:


Only one difference is that when you make a backup for your web form it will save only this form structure, records, widgets, etc.

And when you do your project backup it will save everything, i.e. all the forms in your projects, all data records, widgets and settings.

Both form and database backups will be generated in the background and will be sent to your email.



1. You can restore deleted application or form backup file only.
2. If the data exceeds 1 GB, the archive will be divided into parts.

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Milton Eric Sambolin

Thank you so much, this feature is of maximum importance!

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