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The new Projects page interface

Introduction to the new interface

Last year we began working on service redesign. And we continue.

Now we will introduce the updated Projects page to you.

This is the new project creation page:

Here you can choose a creating a new project method:

- Create new project.

- Create form using template.

- Import data.

You can also restore your project or files on this page, using this links:


This is a tiled project page interface:



You can move and sort your projects using drag and drop method:



As you can see, the highlighted project is filled with color. Click on the dot icon to open the project context menu:



Likewise, you can right-button click on the project tile to show the context menu:


Click on the "hamburger-menu" icon to open the side menu. In the next screenshot you will see some navigation elements:



The projects 'list' view interface:



We hope you will find new interface a useful and convenient. And we will continue to work on improving QuintaDB service.

Don't forget to share your feedback and suggestions!