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How to simplify complex form or breaking big form into several smaller

It is a good practice to split big web-form to several smaller. You can then join them using redirects. After filling one form user will be redirected to the next one

In QuintaDB you can easily split your big form into several smaller forms and join their logic using a Redirect URL option.

The first form will ask you about product name and price. The second one is about shipment day. The third is about the store that will receive the cargo:



Trick: Redirect URL for joining forms

Simply create three forms, customize them. And update settings one by one.

The first step is to customize the first form and to copy paste a direct link of the next form. Go to Form widget menu and next - Settings tab. See the screenshot below:

How to simplify complex form or breaking big form into several smaller


For the second form use the third form direct link.

Splitting complex forms can be done not for all the forms. So, please, be careful before you move to paginated forms, do not delete your previous big one. Hope you've found it useful!

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MUSS South

Will all the data from the three forms be in editable table.
ie. Currently my users will enter info on a form and anything that needs updating is in the same table/record. Will splitting the forms lead to three different records for what was previously one?
Hope this makes sense!
Many thanks

Igor Nosovskiy

Hi MUSS South,
It will be a separate table for each of these forms.
You have to use the relationships if you want to merge records into one common table.

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