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REST API allows you to create more then allowed with Quinta's web UI. You can build custom reports and use your online database in mobile applications

Getting Started

The QuintaDB  API makes it possible for you to submit, edit, and retrieve the data contained within your account. In order to use the API, you will need your unique API Key located on the REST API page. You can have multiple keys, so you can create many applications which will use their own keys. It will be much more secure than to use one key in all the applications. Do not give out these keys to anyone! The key works like your password, and protects your data.

Learning More

The next step is to go to check out the API docs. The documentation walks through basic examples using the API, and familiarizes you with the syntax. As it is seen in the documentation, the use of the API currently requires the knowledge of programming. As the developers begin to build more on our API, 1 line copy/paste snippets will become available to you, so that you can utilize the API without any programming experience.


Hopefully you'll enjoy our online database REST API!

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