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Linked records (field type)

This field type allows you to show records from a related table

Using this field type, you can show all records from the linked table in a separate column.

Here is an example. We take two forms: "Units" and "Employees"

"Units" form:

In the "Employees" form there is a Relationship field, linked to "Units" table. Relationship type is many-to-one.

The task is to show all employees of unit in the "Units" table.

We have already completed both tables:

Please note: using Relationship field, we linked each employee to a specific unit.

Next, in the "Units" Form builder you need to add a new field - "Linked records":

Now in the "Units" table you can see all the employees:

The linked records are displayed as a column by default. On "Linked records" field editing page, you can change how to show data in table and specify which columns to display:

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