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File field with upload progress and ajaxified web form.

You can see upload progress in percentages while uploading your file into database. Also all web form widget using Ajax, so page will not be reloaded if user inputs not correct data

The best file storage service brings a file upload progress bar to you. It makes your life easier, you worry less about the file upload status.

And even more, it makes it possible to introduce one more new feature to your forms - all forms have Ajax submit now.


Just add a file or image field to your form and see in action your new file upload process. Please, make sure to have the JavaScript enabled in your browser.


While uploading your files you will see the upload percentage and the size of an uploaded file. Also, after uploading the file you will see Delete 'your file name' link. Please, make sure to delete your file before uploading a new one.

file download progress

Ajax Forms

Introduction of the JavaScript file upload progress bar allows us to ajaxify your web forms. So by default all your forms will use Ajax for submitting data to your databases.

We had something in common with the previous, simple forms - all your entered data were lost in case of an error. For example, if you have uniqueness validation some fields might not pass it. However, now, with Ajax forms you will not lose the entered data, instead you will see a flash error message, you will fix your error and submit your data without any need to enter it again.