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Templates for your Forms

Online database with templates to simplify your start creating web-forms and databases. It's one click customization with pre-defined nice styles

Here is how it works:

Create your form. When finished go to the 'Form widget' menu. 

Open 'Design' tab to see all of the Templates available as shown below:

Here you can edit:

Colors (Background, Widget background, Text, Highlighted blocks, 'Section heading') and background image


Form name and description (Text, Color, Size)

Labels and Tooltips placement

Borders (Color, Width, Radius)

Upload and edit Logo

Submit button

Form width

Upload your CSS-file

Iframe settings

You can also edit theme. Read how to select theme for Table widget here.

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Newton Malerman

QuintaDB is an amazing accomplishment. It has many useful features that make our database more utilitarian. I’m just getting into utilizations that I couldn’t begin to install before. The one omission seems to be that there is no way to generate a responsive form. That cuts out the majority of users who use cell phones as they do not use computers or pads. This eliminates the use of QuintaDB for 6 of our domains. I do hope that you can somehow figure out how to generate flexible forms. That would make you #1 in my mind, and I’ll happily spread the word in my user groups, websites, etc. For now, my congratulations on a well thought out program.

Igor Petrushenko

Hi, Newton!
But our forms responsible and flexible by default. Are we missing something?


Is there a way to change the formatting of the Cancel button? It seems the default is orange, which does not work well with the custom format I have made for the form widget.

Igor Nosovskiy

Hi jcooper@mathesongas.com,
We’ve made some changes for the standard themes. It should get better now.


Not sure I understand your answer, Igor Nosovskiy. Can the color/shape/size of the cancel button be customized or not?

Igor Nosovskiy

we’ve made changes only for the standard themes. If you want a custom button design, you need to upload a CSS-file with your own style. You can see how to upload a CSS-file in this article.

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