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Upload your own Company Logo instead of QuintaDB logo in header

In QuintaDB header you can upload your own logo. It may be helpful if you using your database in a company, sharing access with other people. This way it will be like your corporate system

We've just added a new possibility for you to upload your own logo instead of QuintaDB logo in the page header.

Just go to your Profile page and notice a new 'Upload your company logo' option. 
Upload your company logo option


Upload your logo. In this example we've uploaded the Ford Motors Company's logo only because we like Ford :) 
Uploaded logo and remove logo option
 Please, notice the Remove Logo link. You can always use it to remove an old logo and upload a new one.


Once uploaded you can go into any of your projects and see your company logo instead of QuintaDB logo. 
Your company logo instead of MyTaskHelper logo
 Also, please, notice that when you hover on the logo it will show the current project's (database) name. 
 Hope you'll enjoy this feature!





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Milton Eric Sambolin

Great feature! Thanks!

Igor Petrushenko

Hi Marcy!

What is shows to you? I mean do you see any error messages or what?

Please, send problem definition to kari at mytaskhelper.com

Marcy Astorino

My logo won’t upload, its a small file and nothing happens. 1/18/13.

Igor Petrushenko

Hi, Catherine!

Logo which you can upload on your Profile page is not for your web-form, it’s for MTH header, when you work inside system you’ll see it instead of MTH logo.

Please, see here where you can upload logo to your web form.

I have uploaded my logo, but I can’t find how to show my logo on the online form, so the people can see it when the form opens. ???

Catherine Todd

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