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Linked records count (field type)

Using this field type, you can show the number of records in related tables

Using this type of field, you can show the number of related records from other tables.

This field becomes available in the Form Builder if you have a relationship between the tables, with Relationship or Subform field.

Example of using.

Here is the "Branch structure" table.

We have "Employees" form with (many-to-one) Relationship field. It linked with "Branch structure" table.

We added records to “Employees” table. Thus linked the employee to his department. Associated an employee with his department.

Now we need to go to the "Branch structure" Form Builder and add a new field to the form.

In the "Advanced" tab, the "Linked records count" field will become available. (You can enable the option "Make the field visible in the form").

As a result, we have a column with the number of employees in the department. Similarly, you can count the products quantity in stock, customer orders, etc.

On the field editing page, "Total and Average" tab, you can enable option to show total in the table.

For example, we can see the total number of employees in our table.

We hope you'll find many ways to use this field in your projects.