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Turn off email notification about form submission from Records page

Turn off email notification about form submission from Records page

Go to the Notifications menu using leftside menu.

Uncheck "Form submitted if you don't want to receive notifications when form submitted.

In some cases you don't want to receive email notification about added records from "Records" page.

You can turn them off by unchecking "Form submitted from 'Records' page" option.

Form submitted from 'Records' page

You can choose the recipients - Record owners or enter recipients manually. By default it's your account email.

Once unchecked you'll stop receiving emails while working inside QuintaDB. But you'll still receive email if your form widget were submitted, if the first option is turn on.

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Michael Pail

Are the settings in EDIT affected by the checkbox? For example, I want others to be notified of changes to the table, but I as the database creator do NOT want to be notified with every added item. How do I accomplish this?

Igor Nosovskiy

Hi Michael,
You can set “Record Owners” as the notifications recipients. Then only the record’s owner will receive notifications.
Or use the Conditional actions module. There is sending an email action by condition.
If you have any additional questions, please create a topic on the Support page.

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