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Email confirmation based on email form field

You can send email email confirmation after filling form. Such emails can be customizable and include any text and data

If you have an email form field in your form, you can send email confirmations to the user who filled your form.

Confirmation email settings

Open "Emails" menu in "Notifications" section. Trigger Send confirmation email to the form submitter? for being able to see all the options below.



Email confirmation


As you may see  you can setup everything you may need to send automated emails to your users. The most obvious use of this feature is to send an email confirmation about the input that you've been notified.


- The first and most important option here is an email form field. This is from where we will take user's emails and to whom we will actually send confirmations.

- The next one is an email Subject option - where you can set your confirmation email subject. Good practice to do is not to leave it blank, please.

- And of course the Body of your automated email must be filled in, because, otherwise, a user may think that this is just a spam.

- Another sweet option is a Form header option, using which you can set your companies emails. So a user will see Your Company Name your@company.email sender instead of QuintaDB.com.

- Also the Reply to option should be widely used, because it allows your users to respond you directly. In this way you can stay connected with your users.


How to add database records into email confirmation

You can add database record values to the email confirmation body.

To add database record value you need only to insert a database column name using the following format: |database column|Please notice it's space and case sensitive!

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