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Database records grouping

Grouping database by some column or several columns is a common way to run reports in database, it is really easy to group data in QuintaDB online

QuintaDB development team has created a new functionality for working with databases, namely the database grouping.

The grouping is used to combine records on the same basis (the field). For example, we have student's database in which we can find the names of students, universities in which they study and cars purchased by them. It is clear that students can buy different cars. The question: is it possible to combine records in the database so as to have an idea of what cars are owned by this or that students.

See step-by-step instructions below:


Table grouping in MTH

For using the grouping option open your project and go to the Records menu.

Click on the Grouping link. In a new window you should select fields for grouping and specify how to display records (ascending or descending). Groups priority is defined by fields sequences in the window (top to bottom). To change the fields location move them to the desired position with the help of the mouse.

See your database after grouping. The result is students are combined according to the University they study.

In QuintaDB databases you can use Grouping by multiple fields. It's very easy. Slect several fields in order to do it.

Grouping result: we can see students who have the same cars and study at the same university.

Also using the grouping option you can change fields (columns) sequence in the table. For this you just need a mouse to set all the fields in the correct sequence.
As a result, we changed the fields (columns) sequence.


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Having save a grouping, can you later delete the grouping?

Igor Petrushenko


yes, of course, saving grouping, filtering and search will create views. This views will be in the drop down at the left. And at the right of this views’ drop down there will be delete icon (if you selected any view). As well as re-order icon – where you can sort your views.

Can you total a numeric field by group?

Igor Petrushenko


Not yet, but we aware of it and will fix ASAP.

Thank you!

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