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August Update. User's Groups, Dependent field, Autocompletion and more

About latest updates on the QuintaDB service

- User's groups for Customer Portal and Team module.

Assigning rights to users has become much more convenient.

- New feature Dependent field.

The dependent field changes after selecting a specific value in another field, an condition that there is a Relationship between these fields' parent forms.

- Input with autocompletion for Many-to-one and One-to-one relationship types.

- Updated autocompletion.

Now, when you enter characters to field, the autocompletion list displays all values that contain the entered characters.

- Now you can edit the Relationship field display type anytime.

The field editing is available in the Form Builder.

- Creating Calendar's event using created and updated records dates as datasource.

- Database performance is optimized. 

The database load much faster now.

- Updated QuintaDB REST API documentation.

- Some bugs and errors was fixed.


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