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How to create used cars database

When you need to store your used cards somewhere, it is a great idea to create online database with card. Just define web form with car details and fill your database with cars db

Create online database in 5 minutes.

So let’s start. 

Create yout first project. Click on 'Create Database' button at the top right on 'My Projects' page.

You'll be asked if you want to create app from 'ready to use templates' or by importing from Excel/CSV.

But if you want to create a new project from scratch, please watch this video:


Fields sorting in the Form Builder

Using the drag and drop method, you can move fields on the form vertically and horizontally.

To do this, use the icons as shown in the picture below:

Please note: if you have a not displayed on the form field in the line, the horizontally moving icon will be hide.

You need to enable the "Make the field visible in the Form" option for all fields. Now you can move the fields to the required places.

The option can be disabled later.


So now your form are ready to use. You can enter data. Go to the menu Records and start data adding. If you have done everything correctly your first record will appear.

You can customize and integrate form into website in 'Form widget' menu.

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Yesterday my log exports ended. I upgraded my account to a higher one and tried multiple times to export logs and they never got to my email, and now it says my exports are over again. I request support with this.
Thank you.

Igor Petrushenko

It doesn’t says your exports are over, please, check your account.
And also try to make another export. There was an issue yesterday, but should be fine now.

Thank you.

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