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How to create used cars database

When you need to store your used cards somewhere, it is a great idea to create online database with card. Just define web form with car details and fill your database with cars db

Create online database in 5 minutes. Today I’d like to introduce you an example of QuintaDB database. In this post I will tell you about QuintaDB field types. For example I decided to show "Used Cars" database.

It is possible to make the online database in 5 minutes. If you are the cars sales manager this post will be useful for you.

So let’s start. Steps of creation:


1) Go to QuintaDB and Login


QuintaDB login page


2) Create yout first project. Click on 'Create Database' button at the top right on 'My Projects' page. You'll be asked if you want to create app from 'ready to use templates' or by importing from Excel/CSV.

But we'll click first button - 'Create database or web-form from scratch'. Enter "Used Cars Database" in 'Project (web-site) or database name' and "Used Cars" in 'Table or form name'.

Create MTH database from scratch


3) Now you have the form and you can start to place into the form fields: in this example I tried to use maximum field types (Single Line, Multiple Line, Number, Decimal, File, Image, Boolean, Date, DateTime, DropDown, Checkbox, Country). For each field, please, select validation like 'Can't be blank'.


Form builder, used cars form


- The first field is “Brand”. Choose DropDown field type and enter list of values (one per line). Fill it with your selling brands.


Create dropdown field


- Same fo selling car 'Types' field.


- The next field is “Model” – type Single line. In this field your can enter model of the car (only text symbols).

Single line field - car Model

- Color, type Check box. In this field your can select one of few colors.


Checkbox field type


- Field “Description” with Multiple Line type:


Multiple field type


- Field “Price $” – type Decimal. You can use only numeric data.


Decimal MTH field type


- The next field “Credit sale” – type boolean. It’s a Logical type. User can select one of the two logical values (Yes/No).


Boolean MTH field type


- “Sale Date” field with type Date.


Date field type


- If you need to upload more information about the car you can use fields Image, File.


- To state the country where the car has been taken, please, use field type Country.


- The next Field is “Experts opinion”. To select one of the few points I use field type radio button.


So now your form are ready to use. You can enter data. Go to the menu Records and start data adding. If you have done everything correctly your first record will appear.

You can customize and integrate your form in 'Form' menu under 'Widgets' section.

You can find and sort clients in your database using search and sort functions. QuintaDB supports Database roles. You can edit “Used Cars database” with a team.

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