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How to import Excel and CSV files to online database

You can start working in QuintaDB from uploading your existent CSV or Excel database. You just select your file from your PC and QuintaDB will create web-form based on your spreadsheet and database with same rows as you had in Excel

How can you import your Excel or CSV database to QuintaDB?


Import Excel file to web database


Assuming you have an Excel file, load it to QuintaDB using the Import form.

Create project using import from Excel


Please, notice that your columns now represent form fields. All your data is located on the Records page.

Import CSV to QuintaDB database

If your data is saved in CSV file you still can import it to the online database. All process is just the same. Only make sure your data is separated by comma, and quoted with ". I.e. "Column1", "Column 2", "Column 3" and NOT Column1, Column2, Column 3. It can be done in OpenOffice: File - Save as -> Text (.csv). NOT Excel. If you have comma inside text check "Quote all text cells" when save file.


Also, if you have some issues while importing your Excel file, like blank records and unknown column names - most probably this is because you have data in your excel cells with new line breaks. You will be able to create your online database from CSV then.

Add more data to the  existent database

It is obvious that you should be able to update your data using Import at any time. You may want to add new records or update entries.


Add new records using Import

Add new records using Import


On the Records page you can see the Import link, using which you can add or update your data using Excel Import. Procedure is the same as when you migrate from the scratch. Just upload your excel file. Remember that file should include the first row with column names.
The order of fields doesn't matter, but presence of thess fields on your form is important, because if you don't have such fields they will be created. And if you rename fields in the Fields menu but not in Excel you will have twice more fields, which is not what you want. But using this trick you can update your database structure along with adding or updating records.


Update records using Import


Also you can update existing records when the key data matches. Choose a column name (Unique field) to use it as a key for comparing data.
If your new record contains the same value in this column as one of your existing records, the existing record will be updated with the new data. If no match is found, a new record will be created.


Update records using unique key


Remember that you always can export your updated data back to Excel :)

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