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April Update. The new Projects page interface, the new Modules page and more

April updates on the QuintaDB service

- The new Projects page interface.


The new project creation page:

Tiled project page interface:

Read more about the new interface here.


- The Modules page.


When you open the project, you’ll be taken to Modules page. Here you can choose the module which you want to work with.


You can disable those modules, that you don't use in the Settings menu - Account tab.

You can also assign a module by default, and you will get into it, skipping the Modules page after opening a project.


Project with disabled modules:

- The new Forms module interface.



Mobile device view:


- Now you can add users to the portal by login.


The user's password is matches with the email or login by default. You can edit portal user's account in the 'Users' tab.


- Some bugs and errors was fixed.

- A mobile user interface (mobile UI) was improved.

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Milton Eric Sambolin

Hi! This is Milton E. Sambolin from Puerto Rico. Thanks for such a great upgrade!!! I mean it, you are doing not merely en excellent, but an extraordinary effort in enhancing, improving, the whole development environment functionality in Quinta. Keep up the good work guys, and thanks once more!!!

Igor Petrushenko

Hi, Milton!

Thank you very very much! Really happy to hear your feedback, because still a lot to do.
Stay tuned!

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