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Passing parameters to the form

You can fill form fields automatically without any user interaction

QuintaDB has a pass parameters to form feature. In order to pass parameters throught URL you need to add ?0=VALUE&1=VALUE to the link, where 0, 1 - form field position, starting from zero.

You can find this link in the Integration tab on the Form widget menu:

Let's take the simple form, for example:

In the Integration tab on the Form Widget menu, you can copy the link and edit it.

We’ve got a URL like this:

The form opens by the link with already pre-filled fields:

You can hide these fields ("Name", "Email") from the user.

Go to the Form builder and edit this fields. Assign the CSS class - hidden in the Advanced options tab:

The user submits the form by link (the "Name" and "Email" fields are hidden):

User's entry:

We hope it will be useful for you.

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