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Conditional actions

Conditional Actions enables you to send E- mail- or SMS-notifications, show custom message or redirect to URL based on a defined criteria after each record cell value creation or update.

Using this Conditional actions, you can automate some actions in the database.

When you enter certain data into the form, you can send E-mail and SMS notifications, Update the record, Show messages and Redirect user to web pages.

These actions can be used and combined with each other at the same time.


Here are just a few 'Conditional actions' usage examples:


  • Send Email/SMS when order status changes
  • Update record
  • Show predefined message depending from the user's choice on form. I.e. 'Thanks John for ordering Phone!', when user selected to order Phone
  • Redirect user to another web-page. For example, to Samsung page if ordered Samsung device and to Apple site if ordered iPhone
  • Do not send data if criteria match. For example, if your criteria specifies the date range in which you do not want to accept input. For example, show message 'No vacations in August' if user selected August as a vacation month.


The Actions menu in Form builder:


  • Actions can be executed always or on condition. For the second option, you need to use the search form. It is the same as searching in the "Records" menu. There can be several conditions for performing an action. To use multiple criteria, click on the "Add additional search criteria" link.
On condition Criteria
  • Enter the title.
  • Choose when to perform the action. Can be done both when filling out the form for the first time, when updating a record, and after completing a payment.
  • If you activate the option "Do not submit data to table if criteria matches", then if the criteria are met, the record will not be added to the database.
Conditional action settings

Select the actions to be performed when the criteria are met:
  • Make a payment
  • Send E-mail
  • Send SMS
  • Update Record
  • Show message
  • Redirect to new page
  • Webhook
Once you created your 'Conditional action' you have to open it for editing again.

Created Conditional action

Because you need to set up your Email/SMS or message templates. Or enter web-page for redirect.

Specify recipients: enter manually, select the field with e-mail addresses or record owners.

Customize the template in the HTML editor. Don't forget that you can also use data from a table. To do this, click on the 'How to insert record data' link
html editor
Open the "Advanced options" and specify the sender and the address to reply. You can upload an attachment if you wish.

How to create and configure the Make a payment action, read here.
Consider the Update Record option:

New conditional action

Create following criteria - Client is Texas Montango LTD.

Edit the action:

Edit 'Update record' action

If Client is Texas Montango LTD., then update the record in the following columns:

Using the 'cross' icon, you can add more record columns.

The result in the table:

Using the "Redirect to new page" action, you can pass the parameters from the completed form.


We use two forms: "Customer info" and "Registration".

The fields "Surname", "Name", "Phone" are repeated in these forms.

Task: Set up a redirect to the "Registration" form with pre-filled field from the "Customer info" form.

You need to create a "Redirect to new page" action for the "Customer info" form:

Edit redirect to new page action

To transfer data from one form to another, you need to use the parameters passing. You can learn more about this function by this link.

Insert the URL-link to the "Registration" form widget (you can get the link in the Form Widget menu - Integration tab) and add ?0= "Surname" html-name field &1="Name" html-name field &2="Phone" html-name

You need to correctly calculate the fields order in the form. It starts at zero. You can get the required field html-name. Click on the 'How to insert record data' link.

Press on the "Update" button. Now let's try to fill out the "Customer info" form:

How to create and configure a Webhook action, read here.