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Conditional actions

Conditional Actions enables you to send email- or SMS-notifications, show custom message or redirect to URL based on a defined criteria after each record cell value creation or update.

Here is just a few 'Conditional actions' usage examples:


  • Send Email/SMS when order status changes
  • Show predefined message depending from the user's choice on form. I.e. 'Thanks John for ordering Phone!', when user selected to order Phone
  • Redirect user to another web-page. For example to Samsung page if ordered Samsung device and to Apple site if ordered iPhone
  • Do not send data if criteria match. For example, if your criteria specifies the date range in which you do not want to accept input. For example, show message 'No vacations in August' if user selected August as a vacation month.

If you still interested in implementing something like this, please, continue reading.


Conditional actions


In order to create Conditional action you have to:


  • Enter name
  • Choose criteria using the form similar to Search form or the one you use in Conditional Formatting. Please, notice that there is no Edit for criteria. So you have to carefully define your criteria or you'll need to create another action.
  • Choose when to perform action. It can be done when form submitted and when record updated
  • You can activate 'Do not submit data to table if criteria matches' option
  • Choose which action to perform. You can: send Email/SMS, show message and redirect to any web page


Once you created your 'Conditional action' you have to open it for editing again. Because you need to setup your Email/SMS or message templates. Or enter web-page for redirect.

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