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System columns

How to show system columns in the table

Go to the Records menu and click on "Settings" control. You can show following columns in your table:

  • Created at - the date and time when the record was created.
  • Updated at - the date and time when the record was updated.
  • IP - author's IP address.
  • Entry ID Number (internal) - record's id
  • Added by - record's author (owner)

Use the Columns tab, if you need to display system columns on the Table widget:

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What I am seeing to do is for the DATE and TIME to be recorded on the transaction while being created. I have chosen a FIELD TYPE of DATE and TIME in the pre-defined form, but the current date and time is NOT being displayed on the transaction. What I am seeking is to record the transaction is being executed. REAL TIME PROCESSING.

Dmitry Shirokonis

You can set “Default” option in date and time field properties as “Today”

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