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"Columns" menu

How to set column names and re-order columns in QuintaDB

Using the "Columns" tab in the "Records" menu, you can:

  • Hide columns in the Report, Table Widget / Report Widget
  • Reorder columns in Table / Report / Widgets
  • Change the column's name in the Table / Report / Widgets.

In order to hide the columns in the widget, you need to click on the switcher near the field.

To rename the field in the table and table widget, you need to enter a new name in the right column and click on the "Save column names" button.

Please note: columns can be hidden only in the Table Widget. You cannot hide them in the Records menu.

To move (swap) the columns in the table, you need to open the "Columns" tab and click on the "Re-order columns" button.

Using the drag and drop method, you can move columns.

The column's position has changed in the table.

But the field remains in the same place on the Form. Thus, you can sort the columns in the table without affecting the form structure.

Everything described above also applies to the Reports.

You can hide, rename columns, and also change order in the report.

The columns will be hidden not only in the Report Widget, but also in the "Report" menu.

Please note: using the Team module and the Customer portal (authorization enabled), the report's hidden columns settings in the "Report" menu apply only to the report's owner.

For other Team members and Portal users, you must configure the field level access.

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