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A Formula field

Use this field type functions to perform calculations in the database

You can find a Formula field in the "Advanced" section:

This field type is using to perform simple arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) with number fields, or for joining strings from different text fields.

Example: we got orders table with three columns: "Name", "Price" and "Quantity".

Using the Formula field, you can calculate the total price. Create the "Total" field, type: formula.

Set the formula:

"Price" field * (multiply) "Quantity" field 

The operands should be treated as decimal in this example, since the price may not be an integer.

The calculation result in the table:

On the Formula field editing page you can enable the "Make the field visible in the Form" option.

You will be able to see the field on the form, which will count in real time, depending on the specified values if this option is activated:

For the next example we'll use the "Clients" table, which contains the "First Name", "Last Name" and "Phone" columns.

First, let's add the "First & Last Name" formula.

The formula will combine the values ​​of this columns if the operands are treated as text.

We will link the "Orders" and "Customers" tables. Read more about the relationship between tables in this article.

The columns from the linked table can be used as operands if there is a relationship between the tables.

We have connected customers with their orders, now let's add a formula that will calculate the amount payable with 20% tax.

The formula will look like this:

"Total" field + (plus) Constant - 20%

Using Constant as an operand, you can specify any value. The Constant supports numeric/text values and percentages.

As a result, the "Payable amount" column displays the total price + 20%:

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