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Customize Database Record using HTML template

Using Record templates is the really powerful way to customize database record HTML. You can insert any CSS or HTML to create just any page you need

The main idea - using HTML templates you can change the page of the database record widget. It will be easier to use the record page by your website users.

You can use this feature for every project. Modify the standard database record widget as you need.

Read how to insert an image into the record widget page here.

HTML templates

To start using templates go to the Record menu in the Widgets section.


On this page you can select the view of a single database record:

- Standart

-  Or your own HTML template


Click on 'Create record template' button at the top right and create your own template in WYSIWYG editor. 

To get your record value, use a format |Column Name|. It's space and case sensitive!



How to insert image or url link into the record widget page

See step by step instructions below:

We have a database with URL and Photo columns. In our project we use HTML template to customize the record widget page. We need to insert an image and url link.


To insert the image or url link into the record widget page you need to change the HTML code. Find a HTML link at the bottom of the window and click on it.


In the popup window you need to change a html code for a photo field and for a URL field. See the screenshot below:


Change HTML code

<td><img src="|photo|" alt="Kiev, Ukraine" width="100" height="100" /></td>

<td><a href="|URL|">|URL|</a></td>


 We'll be happy if this feature will help you with your online bussines.

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Hi, can I change the widget template directly from the record view online? E.g. if I have 2 templates in one database / record – with different look and fields – can I switch between them directly from the record online view? Or have to go to my account and switch the template there first? Other way round – is it possible to have a database which is a mirror of another one – so as to use it for another record widget template view?

Thanks a lot for your help

Ivan Peltekov

Igor Petrushenko


one record template can be set for table or report.
And it can be set only on Record menu in Widgets section.

You can set different templates for different reports. I think Reports is what you looking for. On the Reports page there is a way to create Report from all table records – it’ll be mirror you asking for.

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