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Online Form Creator

Online web-forms make data collection, analysis and reporting much easier than any other method. Here is the super easy way to create such web-forms, online. QuintaDB. For all your online form building requirements. Create unlimited web-forms and all that is just for $4.95 USD per month. Including Free plan!

What are online web-forms for?

Here is where a form creator as QuintaDB comes into game. You can not only create online web-forms and collect data, but also generate reports, analyze and integrate the online web-forms and views to blogs and websites. Such web-forms need to be distributed to many users to make them able to enter data. This becomes very easy when the web-forms are available in electronic form, but not on a paper.

  • Sample online web-forms for SMB's: Job evaluation survey form, Time sheet, Business expense form, Customer feedback form, Cancellation Survey Form, etc.
  • Custom Online web-forms for Educational Institutes: Excursion Forms, Assignment Grade Forms, Emergency Contact Forms, Seminar Forms, New Course Form, Leave form, etc.
  • Non-profits gets online forms: Donor Details Form, Volunteer Registration Form, Event Schedule Form, Campaign Details Form, Online Questionnaire, etc.
  • Online web-forms for businessmen: Contact Manager, Wedding/Birthday Invitation, Event Planner, Medical Records, To do list, Recipe Catalog, etc.

QuintaDB - Online Form and Web Form Creator

QuintaDB online form and web form creator has been trusted by thousands users, and this amount definitely includes a handful of world's famous brands too. If not millions successfully deployed web-forms under our belt, what else would convince you? Here is a gist of what QuintaDB can offer you.

  • No Infrastructure: Certainly no big software needs to be installed; no special hardware requirements; no periodic and annoying upgrades; no maintenance outages; no nothing. Only hassle free data collection and management. Create your online web-forms and put them into production right away. All the security measures, up-time, backups and upgrades are things we are used to do well. You can stay focused on what your business really needs.

Online Form Creator - Benefits

  • Easy to use: Online form creator is pretty much similar to regular software in functionality, but without any complexity. The intuitive drag & drop interface of the Online Form Creator allows you to create even complex web-forms, easily.
  • Web-based: It is an online form, so it'll be saved on our servers. It is accessible from any computer as long as you have internet connectivity. Experience hassle free access to your web-forms and data with no load on your local PC.
  • Anytime and anywhere access: Being web based, QuintaDB Online Form Creator Software lets you to have access to your online web-forms and data from anywhere across the globe, at any convenient time. All you need is internet connectivity, and you are good to go.
  • Secure and Safe: By hosting your web-forms online, you can never lose data unless you want to. All your data is backed up securely everyday in multiple servers located in multiple locations.
  • Made easy collaboration: Share your online web-forms and views easily with a team of members or publicize it for everyone. In alternation to distribution of web-forms to businessmen, you can now integrate online web-forms on websites and blogs for your web-users to access.
  • Reliable and fast: Our servers are reliable because we don't rely on just one. They are fast in responding to your queries and are consistent too, making the online space the ideal place for your business data and online web-forms.


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