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QuintaDB Integrations, "For Developers" page redesign, New options

Second update 2021

In this article, we would like to show updates related to the QuintaDB integrations.

- The "API" page update

We have redesigned the "For developers"page with easy-to-navigate interface:

- Integration with new services

We have added integration with Adalo and Integromat services.

You can find detailed integration guides with the Adalo by this link.

And here for the Integromat service.

- URL-links generator

We've added a URL-link generator. Now you just need to create an API key and get the URL and cURL link to complete the request.

Select the api key from the drop-down list, select the request and copy the link.

- New API requests

We've added new API requests: Search for records and Get ALL Reports.

- Zapier update

We have added a new trigger for the QuintaDB application on the Zapier service. You can read more about integration with Zapier by this link.

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Could you consider setting the tags alphabetically in your TAGS?

Igor Nosovskiy

Hi vwsurf03@yahoo.com,
If you write about tags on a blog, they are placed by frequency of mentions.
Also, you can use the search at the top of the page at any time.

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