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How to create and work with Reports in QuintaDB

Database report it's a set of records which is passes some criteria. It is a common way to fetch data from database tables and use them later.

In this blog post you can find detailed instructions of how to create Reports in QuintaDB online database. Read about reports integration here.

In order to create Report we need to find some records and save result in the separate Report.

You can export to Excel all database records or use Search, Grouping functions and export only the found records.
Create database Views for the results of Search, Filtering and Grouping.

For example we have UEFA Club Ranking Table.
The first step: open our test database (UEFA Club Ranking), it has 50 records (one per club) and go to the Records menu.

We need to find and save all the clubs from Spain in a separate table.


After the search click on button "Save Report" to create a new Report with the found records.


Set the Report's name.



You can view, re-order, delete, edit name and open reports in Reports menu

To export Report you only need to click on "Export" button. 

You can also integrate your reports an add it to your Customer Portal.

If you need to hide some columns in the report, go to the Report widget menu:

Open the "Columns" tab and uncheck the box next to the fields that you want to hide:

Please note: the report's hidden columns settings apply only to the report owner.

For users group in the Team module, you must separately configure the field level access.

How to remove report

You can delete a report at any time you need. It’s very easy.

Please, see the screenshot below:


If you need to see Report's criterion was created by:

1. Switch to "table view".

2. Open the Report context menu.

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