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Login Query Engine

Login query engine allows you to protect database record with login and password. This way web users will be able to view and edit their own db entries

We are happy to announce and explain you how to use Login Query Engine feature in QuintaDB. Using login and password fields on your form you can view the added records.

First of all create a web form. Select and add all needed fields from the New Field form. Then add two fields: Login and Password (from Login Query Engine section).


Then go to the Form widget menu where you can embed your web form to the website (it's easy - just copy/paste an iframe code into any HTML page from the Integration tab).

So, now we have an online order form on our web site and we can start using the Login Query Engine feature.


Go to the Table Widget menu and open Login form tab. You have a form with two fields. Embed this form into the website for users' authorization.

The idea is very easy: the user fills out all required fields, specifies his own login and password. Using this login & password he can always access all records assigned to this log & password combination.

 Using Login and Password you can view your records at any time. It's very useful for this case (online order form) to view the order status at any time you need.


If you have several records with same login and password, then you'll see them all in simple table.

If you have one record with such login and password then you'll see this record detail page.


 There is also several customization options: 

Label placement: Top, Left, Right
Margins (enter needed value in pixels)
Allow record edits upon login



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Very pleased to see this. I was wondering when that feature would be added.

I also like how your divided the type of field into sections.

Many thanks for your hard work.


Igor Petrushenko

Hi, Dawn!

Thank you very much for your great feedback.

We very glad to hear that you like our work and new features.

Thank you!!!

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