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E-mail notifications after form filling

Once web-form submitted to your online database you should be notified by it. It can be easily done using email notifications feature

Let’s consider such a useful and practical possibility of QuintaDB database builder as automatic letters sending with notification. The given option is often used in such cases as registration or order confirmation, automatic response. The text of such letter can be composed individually to the maximum.


First of all, in order to realized letters notifications it is necessary for the web form, which is filled by the web-page user, to contain a field with an e-mail address type. After such a form is prepared you can start customizing it. Let’ go over to the “Customize and Embed” menu, there will be the “E-mails” section on the Forms tab, where you can activate the given function. After the “Send a notification letter to the person who filled the form” option is ticked off, the form of setting and editing a notification letter will become available.


For a full setting of such letters it is necessary to indicate the following:


- A field with an e-mail address, to which the letter will be sent;


- Message subject; - Message text (we will talk about its additional possibilities a little bit later);


- Message sender (in the following format: name/organization name);


- Address to which a response letter will be sent in case of necessity.


By saving the settings we get a working form, which can generate and send messages to users automatically.


Detailed text notifications setting


Online data base QuintaDB makes it possible to set flexibly the text of the message to be sent, adding user personal data or other information, contained in the database to it. In order to apply such a possibility you can use the fields names that are obligatory in the letter in the field where the text message is contained. These names should be used in a special format – frame them by vertical lines at both sides |field from the form|. You can set any information you want, entered or chosen by the user, in that way: goods name, order data, user name, and delivery address.


For example, it is very easy to prepare the following text with an order notification for an e-shop: “Dear |NAME|, your order of |GOODS NAME| is accepted for processing. Our manager will contact you by the given phone number |CLIENT’S PHONE NUMBER| one of these days!”


In order to use the described functionality as effective as possible, it is worth making use of such possibilities of QuintaDB database builder as an automatic captcha and check of the contents entered by it on the user form. It will allow, firstly, avoiding of sending of letters that are not needed, for example, if a user e-mail is put into the earlier created black list, and secondly, cancelling the sending when the filled data contains incorrect or offensive information. Thus, a complex usage of various QuintaDB functions will make it possible to make the management process and created web resource security much simpler.