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Tile view

In this article, you will learn how to switch the usual table data to the Tile View

This option is available in the Table / Report Widgets, Customer Portal and Records menu.

The Tile view will allow you to create a unique design for your database and provide a more convenient work with data on mobile devices.



Tile view in the Records menu

Tile settings


Advanced options



Tile view for Table / Report Widgets

Tile view for Customer Portal


Video Tutorial:

Tile view in the Records menu

The "Employees" table contains employee information including their first and last names, unit, position, birthdate and photo:

To change the table view, just click on the "Settings" control and switch the Tile view:

The page will automatically refresh and the database will be presented as a tile.

To customize the tile, click again on the "Settings" control and go to the "Tile view settings" page:

Choose the Tile type:

Three types are available:

  • Tile
  • Accordion
  • Slide show


You can choose what will be displayed on the tile:

  • Columns - columns are displayed on the tile;

  • Cover - the title, description and picture are displayed;

Select which columns to hide on the tile (including system columns):

Select a Theme and on click and on hover Actions:

For example, to open the record on click and to show the flipside on hover.

You can also choose which columns to hide on the flipside of the tile. To do this, click on the link:

Now the data is presented in the Tile view in the Records menu:

To open, update or delete a record, click on this icon to open the context menu:


If you want to add a button to a tile, you need to activate the option in the "Button" tab:

The following options are available:

  • Button position;
  • Title - Enter manually or Select a column with a title;
  • Action - Open record, Edit record, Open custom URL, Open URL from column;
  • The size;
  • Button color and design;
  • Filling;
  • Icon selection and location.

Advanced options

In the "Advanced options" tab, you can change the way of sorting Tile view records, hide the column names, turn off the highlight on hover, rotate the tile horizontally, and also set one tile per row.


The Accordion Tile View is a list of entries that click-to-reveal to reveal the content.

The following options are available in the Accordion settings:

  • Selecting a column with a title;
  • Icon selection;
  • Icon position;
  • Content - Columns or Record Template;
  • Theme;
  • On click actions.


The Slideshow Tile view allows you to switch between records using the left and right arrows.

The following options are available in the "Slideshow" settings:

  • Content (what to show on the box) - Columns, Cover and Record Template;
  • Theme;
  • On click action

Tile view for Table / Report Widgets

In the "Table Widget" ("Report Widget") menu, you can enable the display of records in the Tile view:

Just like in the Records menu, you can customize the appearance and functionality of the tiles.

Tile view for Customer portal

In the Customer Portal, you can customize the Tile view for each table and report separately.

To do this, go to the "Settings" tab and select the "Table view" item from the drop-down list: