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SMS newsletter in your database

How to start SMS newsletter and create a template

You are able to make SMS Newsletter right in QuintaDB.

You can start using this function if you have a field to enter phone number in your web-form and you had collected some in your database. You can find "SMS newsletters" in Records menu.

Select record(-s) and in 'Actions' control choose 'SMS newsletter'.

Once you are at the SMS newsletter page you can start creating your sms templates.

Receivers's numbers: select your database column which contains phone numbers to which you'll send your sms in a moment


Body: enter message text. You can insert data from database using |Column name| format. For example, you can enter "Hi |User name|". Where "User name" it's a field on your form (database column).


You can save your newsletter sms settings as a template. This way you'll not need to fill all the fields each time you want to send bulk sms. You can load your template using drop down at the bottom of the form.

You can create and automate templates in the "Newsletters" module.

Watch the following video to learn more about "Newsletters" module:

Please, notice, link at the bottom of the page Statistic. This link allows you to see basic statistic of newsletter usage. You can see date, subject and number of sms sent as well as Total amount of sms.

In 'Errors log' you'll see all errors  which occured during sending SMS.

You can schedule your newsletter and it will be run 'In N days' prior to date located in selected column. The instructions are the same as for Email newsletter's scheduling.

Hope you'll find our database newsletter email functionality useful!


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