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Full range of possibilities only with QuintaDB REST API

Restful API allows you to access online database from your own applications. You can fetch or insert data from your own script or program, without accessing web interface

The developers of QuintaDB database builder have created a new smart possibility that is API. Thanks to it you will have an opportunity to fulfill the potential of the widget created by you! It is not just standard functions of understandable service interface, known to you by the light of nature; this is something more than that! Click here for QuintaDB REST API documentation.


Now you can do everything you want with your information. In case of necessity you can create your own unique script, various applications for completely different platforms both tabletop and mobile even for so popular one as iPhone/Android. And this is not a full range of possibilities, which REST API opens before you.


Now QuintaDB has become an ideal place not only for keeping and collective processing of information, but also a control center of your working processes. You will be able to add records, make corrections in them and manage all the contents of your account without visiting the resource itself.


In order for you to make use of the new API functionality you will need an inimitable key known only to you. There is a possibility to get an unlimited number of keys necessary for realization of a collective work on the database with the help of this new function.


It means that you can create as many applications as you need in order to provide all your employees with his/her own unique key. It is stipulated for the security purpose as the information known to a group of people has a greater possibility for leakage than the information known to only one person.


In addition to this it is necessary to mention that your employees will be able to work on particular information parts without having any access to the rest of the records with the help of API, as it was during the creation of the database presentation.


Take into account the fact that the keys are not to be disclosed, because they are a guarantee of your widget safety. Explain it to all of your employees.


Unfortunately, at present API usage requires the knowledge of programming languages. That is why if you want to work with this functionality, it is necessary to study thoroughly the given documentation, in which everything is described vividly and in details. You can study programming on the basis of the examples given in the documentation tables. The more so, as at present the examples of scripts creation in the Ruby language, which is easy to read and simple for perception, are placed there. 

Click here for QuintaDB REST API documentation.