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In QuintaDB you can show the data from the table or report as a Calendar.

In QuintaDB you can show the data from this tables in the Calendar view. Here is how it will look like.

1. Open "Calendars" module. 

2. Once Calendar created you have to add one or several data sources.

3. Once data sources added you'll be able to see and use your calendar. Please, notice that there is a lot of another Calendar Settings.


Default view.

- The initial view when the calendar loads. It can be: Month, Week, Day, Agenda week, Agenda day, List Year/Month/Week/Day.

- Show weekends.

- In month view, whether dates in the previous or next month should be rendered at all.

- Hidden days. For example, you can hide Wednesday from your Calendar.

Header & Footer.

You can choose what to show at the top and bottom of your calendar. Fro example, you can choose to show for the left, center and right side:

- Next & Previous navigation buttons. To switch between dates.

- Title. To show current date and view name.

- Today button will switch you back to the current day.

- Month, Week, Day, Agenda week, Agenda day, List Year/Month/Week/Day buttons to be able to switch Calendar view at any time.

Show time.

You can show or hide time from your calendar events. By default it is enables. We've turned it off for our Expenses and Income calendar.

Default time.

You can set which date will be selected by default.

Business hours.

You can specify your schedule, for example, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Valid and visible date ranges.

You can choose which dates will be visible and valid on your calendar.

By enabling Theme option you'll make your Calendar looks like standard QuintaDB menus, i.e. with Blue and Orange colors.

In Size settings menu you can control your calendar's with and height. And also width-to-height aspect ratio of the calendar.

Advanced options.

- Right-to-left text direction.

- Allow a user to highlight multiple days or timeslots by clicking and dragging.

- Limit the number of events displayed on a day.

- Choose calendar's Language.

- Choose calendar's time zone.






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