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How to create and integrate Report table to website

Report (view) integration can be done in QuintaDB in a few simple steps. Just run search, filtering or grouping, save results and customize it. Then you just need to copy paste widget code to your web page or blog

In QuintaDB you can create Reports by saving search, grouping or filtering results. Report it's basically a database view. Report table can be customized and integrated in the same way you doing it for main Table widget.

Just go to 'Report' menu in "Widgets" section and you'll find integration, design and actions settings for selected report.


How to create and integrate Report table to website


In our case (online orders database) - we will create the report (view), which contains records with the same order code  (for processing certain company manager). For this view we will create the original customization and add only database columns we really need. After that we can embed a report to any website.


We have some online orders database. We need to create several views, each of them will be unique, i.e. it must have an original customization, consist of different database columns you really need and have different options.

See step by step instructions below:

1. Inside QuintaDB system you can create a view using the search, grouping or filtering options. More about this feature read in our blog post: Database View. In our example we use the Search option.


2. Use the search option to create a view. Click on the Search link and select a search criteria you need. In our case we search records with the same order code. Select column Order code, use search criteria is, enter "0001".


After searching you need to click on button Save report. So we have created a view. In our case it contains only "0001" order code.


3. Currently it is available to customize and integrate a report you created, i.e. you can embed this report table into the website you need. For this click on the Report menu.

On a Design tab use the option you need and click on button Update. To embed the view into the website just copy/paste an iframe or JavaScript code from Integration tab. 


4. On the same Report page you can add an option to the view for data processing.  Open Actions tab.


Enable the options you need. Search, Grouping, Filtering options are available. Also you can use export to Excel and PDF.


5. You can select what database columns you need on this view (change your choice at any time). Open Columns tab.


As a result we have a unique view with original customizations, which contains only records with "0001" order code and consists of four columns:

- Name;

- Phone;

- Order code;

- Order date;


You can use this four-column view inside QuintaDB system or embed the view into the website you need.



- You can invite users to this view using different database roles.

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