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How to create and integrate Report table to website

Report (view) integration can be done in QuintaDB in a few simple steps. Just run search, filtering or grouping, save results and customize it. Then you just need to copy paste widget code to your web page or blog

In QuintaDB you can create Reports by saving search or grouping results. Report it's basically a database view. Report table can be customized and integrated in the same way you doing it for main Table widget.

Just go to 'Report Widget' page, it can be accessed from the side menu or by clicking on a "Report Widget" tab on ta Report page and you'll find integration, design and actions settings for selected report. In our case (UEFA Club Ranking) - we will create the report (view), which contains the Spain clubs. For this view we will create the original customization and add only database columns we really need. After that we can integrate widget into website.

See step by step instructions below:

1. Inside QuintaDB system you can create a view (report). In our example we use the Spain clubs report. How create a report read in our blog post: Database View.

Report table

2. Currently it is available to customize and integrate a report, i.e. you can embed this report table into the website you need. For this click on the Report Widget tab.

Report widget tab

Or you can select Report widget from left-side menu.

The 'Reports' module

2. On a Settings tab enable the options you need:

  • Add new record
  • Grouping
  • Pagination


  • Clone
  • Delete
  • Edit


  • In-place editing in table

Report widget menu
Activate a Search form, if you need:
Search in Report widget
You can also switch on the Tile view:
Tile view for Report widget

Select which columns to show in the Columns tab (you can also rename and re-order columns in this tab):
Columns tab in Report widget

3. On a Design tab you can customize your report's colors, font, margins, language, size etc.

Design tab in report widget

4. To embed the view into the website just copy/paste an iframe or JavaScript code from Integration tab. 

Integration tab in Report widget

As a result we have a unique view with original customizations.


- You can invite users to this view using different database roles.

- You can add this report to your Customer Portal.