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Table search in QuintaDB. How to export files, data and search results to Excel and PDF

After running search on a database you can sort your results by any column or by time creation. You can also filter this search results and export database to Excel manually or set as task.

In QuintaDB you can perform table search and find anything you need easily. 

You can then save result to Report and (or) Sort result, export them to Excel or PDF. You also can export search result Files.

On a Data Export menu you can automize export to Email or FTP. If you want to automize your data export there is data export scheduling feature available.


See step by step instructions below:

1) Use search or filtering and find records you need. Add a search criteria and click on Search button.

2) To create a report click on button Save Report.

You can Export all records you have found to Excel, click on icon Export to Excel.

4) All data will be download to your device.



You can export not only text records but also all your files (for example, if you have an online media database). Click on button Export files.

We have limits for backup - it's 1 Gb. So if you have more than 1 Gb database you can't export the whole database from QuintaDB - only 1 Gb.

The solution for the situation:

Create a report and step by step export the whole database. For example, you can create a view with records for a certain time period. This is a way to export (backup) parts of your database step by step. 


Please, read here how to enable export to both Excel and PDF in table widget.

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