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Database search. Searchable databases online

All databases built in QuintaDB are searchable. You can run search by multiple criteria with different conditions and save results to database views

Database search

Read how database search works in QuintaDB. Remember that the same will affect your integrated database widget. Enjoy searchable databases for Free!

Shortly - you can add more and more parameters, further narrowing your search down. This is useful if you have hundreds, even thousands of records.

Searchable students' database

We will show how search works using students' database. After filling table with a few students we are ready to search through the students' database.


Database search



The initial search form asks you to specify your search. You have columns and conditions filters here.


Message at the right side tells you to enter a search keyword, because you can't search using blank string. Notice this useful text with the yellow background. It always shows you current search options in a well readable format.


Once you starte entering some search keyword a smart search helper tries to read your search.


You can choose any column to search by. For example, let's choose Name. Our search helper asks you to enter a search keyword. Sure...


And we will find all records which contain a. Very easy, isn't it?


Let's expand all search filters. You can see that search conditions for Age are different from those that are for string.

Let's list all available conditions for different field types here.

  • String, Text, File, Image: is, is not, is empty, is not empty, starts with, ends with, like, contains, not contain.
  • Date, Date and Time, Birthday: is, is not, is empty, is not empty, before, after, between.
  • Number (both Integer and Decimal) : is, is not, is empty, is not empty, less than, greater than, less or equal to, greater or equal to, between
  • For Drop Down, Radio Button, Check box, States, Language, Country, Time Zone controls you will be able to select choices which are added as default values in the Form Builder.


Also we will improve search filters for File and Image fields to include file size and extensions.

It will be done along with other tasks for improving files functionality in QuintaDB such as: uploading multiple files or images, size and file type validations, file link in email notifications.


Remember that it will be the same for any HTML Form.

Back to our students' database search. We will specify more search parameters. We will add the age range, from 20 to 30 years old only.


Join conditions and and or is another unique feature which allows you to build amazing search queries.

You can combine them as you wish, there is no restrictions or limitations. We believe that possibilities which we give you in our search is good enough for any searchable database.

Finally we can get such a cool search. Our smart search helper reads it as Find records with the name which contains 'a' or the age between 20 and 30 and sex is Male or car is Ford

Search result can always be saved to Report.

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I’ve just joined today, but I’ve found so useful all of you features!! It is really impressive. Send me the html with your add and I’ll put it in my site, nice work.

What about the option to set a widget search with the operators pre-set, so that all that comes up on the search page is a text field and search button, but the search is pre-set with ALL and CONTAINS, or whatever search limits we might want to impose on the database? is this possible presently? thanks!

Fittleworth Medical

how do you save a search that you need to run regularly?


We have created search widgets and embedded in our web site. The search fields are preset and the results are limited to only return certain fields. I have added new fields to the DB and those are now included in the search results. Can i hide/exclude them or do i need to recreate/embed the search widget?

Igor Petrushenko

Hi, bocdb!

Yes, sure, you can hide/show widget columns via “Show/hide” columns options in “Customize & Integrate” menu.


Is there a way to eliminate the ALL search option for integrated web widgets? We only want users to be able to search the fields selected under “Search” Customize/Integrate?

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